Nobody likes to have a hard drive full of clogged up files. So here is a tutorial that will hopefully free up disk space.

Unnecessary files and programs

If you're folders are clogged up with files and programs you don't need or use, delete them. But take note that deleting a program doesn't mean uninstalling it. For example, if you delete a program shortcut, you only removed the link to it, not the program altogether. Its best to uninstall the program. As for files, they can be deleted normally.

Using a cleaning tool

If you have a computer, you're going to need not only antivirus software, but a cleaning tool like CCleaner or SlimCleaner. A tool like this is usually helpful in freeing up disk space. First, select the files you want to analyze or delete. Then clean it up. A cleaning tool is helpful because it can find files that you normally cannot access or find.

Duplicate programs

If you use CCleaner most of the time but you also have SlimCleaner, delete SlimCleaner. If you have McAfee AntiVirus, but also have Norton 360 Internet Security, delete the one you're not using. Duplicate programs like these are essentially the ones clogging up the most space.